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Being able to head over to your own space and also finding everything whenever you want it can greatly minimize job hunt pressure. I could see no osteopathy, the only movement on the course I attended was the stop movement and the pressure point on my hand I mentioned above. Johnny faces a charge of perverting the course of justice and Jenny for grievous bodily harm. And in a wonderful touch, Lewis’s coffin rolls into the flames to the tune of Abba’s ‘The Winner Takes It All’ (as sung by the wonderful Jane McDonald, of course). With the crimes on the street lately, I reckon they should set up an incident room in Roy’s Rolls. As promised, here is the 2nd part of Wednesday’s Coronation Street. Billy’s all coy and flirty, he’s clearly enjoying himself and the two of them snog on the Street. The police pay another visit to the street (good job the cop shop is only around the corner) as Tim is given bad news about the alleged new evidence against Duncan. Meanwhile, in the hunt to bring devious Duncan down for Sally’s wrongful arrest, Imran calls Duncan to his office.

Talking to Tim on the phone, Sally breaks down. Olivia rings her dad and Duncan storms in, arguing with Tim. Tim’s a man possessed, he won’t let Duncan go and follows him home. She follows Duncan to a payphone and finds he’s been calling Costa Rica. They argue, Duncan runs away but Tim catches him. It was a wonderful, fun scene in the way that Corrie does well, but I’ve seen the preview pictures for next week’s Corrie and am sad to tell you that not even a truck can demolish Duncan. But then Paul plays loose and free with Billy’s heart and cheats on him before they’ve even begun, with a lad he’s met online. The same job template can be reused by changing key details for another requirement which can then be posted through it. Has Claudia avoided the same fate? As the Platts head back over to the pub, (all of the gang together) a tipsy Gail does little to convince David that she works for MI5, whilst Audrey calls the police on Claudia.

Lewis’s female harem are in awe at the funeral, as Audrey and Claudia air their grievances, in public. Even Interpol are involved! Once you finally decided to take the subway to work, your car just gets neglected even more. Here’s hoping some more evidence comes to light. In comes B-Pac who helps himself to all the sweets and gets on Rita’s nerves. Company employees who violate our policies are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Since jobs in this kind of field are always on call, especially on holidays, ask your employer about work schedule arrangements and day-offs. At home data entry jobs are very popular and very sought after. 8 x eight 1 to Home windows update and click the dashboard button every time. As the Connors head back to the pub, Liz suitably arrives with the police in tow, just in time for Johnny and Jenny to be arrested!

Billy also arrives for his second ‘date’ but Paul already has company. A ‘bit of trade’ it may be, but Billy isn’t in the mood for games and pushes Paul away. Gemma’s brother Paul makes a move on Billy this week. Sarah and Gary are skint, so much so that they have to move out of their flat in Victoria Court and back in with Gail, David, Shona, Max and Lily. Back at the Rovers, Sean revels in the news of his bosses’ arrests to Nick, Gail, and Audrey. Meeting Rita in The Rovers, Cathy decides to pimp out Brian as the newsagent’s new assistant. Rita complains she can’t manage on her own any more, she’s finding it hard. Knowing who you are is key to finding the right job for you. The Philippines a South East Asian pearl, is the decision for some, nonnatives to look for a job. Angie and George left Weatherfield this week to return to South Africa. Great Idea of the Week? There aren’t many people who don’t like the idea of being entertained.